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Key Features

Everything a funeral home needs

Easy to use

The common sense approach in developing Last Breath will become obvious instantly. A training period is practically unnecessary.

Interview Centric

The interview process is central to the structure of Last Breath. Everything required to generate a quote and record data for the death certificate is available.

Web Based

Nothing needs to be installed or maintained! Sign-up and login and you are ready to run your funeral home business from anywhere in the world.


Whether you need to organise a pre-arranged funeral or an inopportune walk in for one Last Breath can handle the case with ease and speed.

Autogenerate Forms

All required forms required by your state authorities are automatically filled in by Last Breath. Complete your interview with the family or informant and everything required for the submission of death registration is ready to be sent.

Incredible value for money

At only $99 / month, Last Breath offers unparallel value for money! Generate all the cases without any limits. You will recover your investment with your first funeral alone.

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How it works

Understanding our easy to use funeral software


First Call

The informant calls your office and preliminary information is collected together with the setup of a meeting via our calendar integration.





The interview takes place with an easy step by step wizard that guides the funeral director and the informant through the process. Data collected will be used to automatically fill in all the required forms and submissions specific to your region.



Complete a few simple steps and the Quote is automatically generate ready to print or email to the family.





All the documentaion specific to the state in which the death occured is ready without double entry of data.

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Mortuary software questions and answers

Where is the data hosted for the cloud version?

We can deploy your instance on a server that is closed geographically to your business location to comply with local laws and ensure fast access.

Do you maintain a record of signed documentation?

Last Breath records all signed documents and maintains them while the funeral is active and after the funeral was archived.

What do I need to use Last Breath?

All you need is an internet connection and your login credentials together with any modern browser. You can access the software from multiple devices and locations at the same time.

How about notes and other incidentals?

The funeral can have an unlimited number of custom notes and uploads associated with it enabling true flexibility with any possible scenario.


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